Thank You!

The Board of Directors has been overwhelmed since the very beginning of this project by the kindness and generosity that has been shown by the Dracut community.

Dracut is a community with a history of taking care of its own, in good times and in bad. The success of the Dracut Food Pantry is a testament to that care and compassion. Without the support of the many schools, businesses, organizations and individuals who have sacrificed in order to provide for our neighbors in need, the Dracut Food Pantry would simply not exist. The struggle for those in need would be even greater.

The need is more critical today than it is has been in many years, and everyone is dealing with rising grocery bills and other economic issues.

Yet the Dracut community continues to give.

We all hope that some day our services will no longer be needed; but in the meantime we want to provide the best services that we can.  And the community of Dracut is helping us to do just that.  For any part that you have played in that, we extend our deepest appreciation.