I have some food I want to donate. Where can I drop it off?

**COVID UPDATE: Because of COVID-19, you will find that drop-off sites around town are limited right now. If you have a donation to make, you may contact us directly at (978) 957-8600. You may also drop donations at the Food Pantry Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. We are located at 1934 Lakeview Avenue (behind Owen and Ollie’s). For drop off, you’ll see a green delivery door to the right of Define Fitness, go to the next door to the right, enter there. Once you enter, you can leave items just outside the first door on the left. Thank you for your continued support!

You may drop non-perishable items at Town Hall, the Moses Greeley Parker Library and the Dracut Senior Center. For smaller donations, there is a bin located in the hallway outside the pantry door. The pantry is located at Beaver Brook Mills, 1934 Lakeview Avenue. Please do not leave any perishable items at these drop-off locations or outside the food pantry. You may also come by the pantry during our monthly openings to drop off items. Please see our main page for our hours and openings.