Dracut Community Food Pantry
1934 Lakeview Avenue
Dracut, MA 01826

A Letter from the Board of Directors

To Our Dracut Residents: 

Rising prices are having a major impact on everyone. It is disheartening that there are families in our community who are struggling to make ends meet and are missing the benefit of our Food Pantry.

This letter serves to dispel some of the misconceptions about food pantries that lead people not to utilize the Dracut Food Pantry. It also serves as a personal invitation to reach out to us if you live in Dracut and need food assistance.

Pride. Many people will not use a food pantry because they are too proud to admit that they need help. Last month our Food Pantry served a new client. The client was 73 years old and was struggling with normal bills and buying food. The client shopped our pantry and stated that the experience was so respectful and easy amd wished they had come months earlier. Do not let pride be a deterrent to your needs and the needs of your family.

Stigma. One misconception about food pantries, is that poor people use their services. We have clients that visit us a few times a year to ease the financial challenges they face. If you are going through a challenging time, such as a layoff, or increased medical expenses, let us help you. The Dracut Food Pantry can help you through those challenging times and will do so with dignity.

Other people need the help more than I do. We hear this statement all the time. Please do not use that statement as an excuse to avoid the help you need. You are not taking food away from other clients. Your needs are as important and should not be neglected. Our Pantry is very well stocked and with food items and other necessities.

The food items are outdated. Here at the Dracut Food Pantry, we take great care with expiration dates. We check the expiration date of every item that comes into the pantry before we place it on our shelves for client use. Our team of volunteers pay strict attention to items that are close to an expiration date.

The quality of the food. Through our local partnership with Shaw Farm Dairy and Walden Local Meat, our clients have choices of high-quality dairy products, as well as a selection of meat and poultry. From time to time, we have fresh produce and will soon be partnering with several local farms to offer a coupon/voucher to buy their produce.  

Long Lines. The Dracut Food Pantry is typically open the fourth Saturday of the month from 9am to 11am (see our website for exact opening times and information). Many clients come at 9am resulting in a 30-minute shopping experience. After 10am, the shopping time is less, about 15 minutes. You are assigned a volunteer who guides you through the rows of food items with you making choices of food items that you need. We also offer hygiene items and paper products to our clients.

Residents do not know about the Food Pantry. Many people do not think about a food pantry until they really need help. Please help us raise awareness of the Dracut Food Pantry by liking our social media accounts and sharing our posts. Attracting younger families in need is one of our goals. The Dracut Food Pantry can help supplement or stretch your grocery budget. Do not wait until you feel desperate; we are here to help you and do so with respect and attention to your needs.


The Board of Directors
Dracut Community Food Pantry