Monthly Newsletter

December 2021
It is with deep sadness that we share the loss of one of our board members. Roberta “Bobbie” Maniatis passed away peacefully on December 8, 2021 after a brief illness.

Whether you knew Bobbie or not, you could consider her a friend. Her beautiful smile and contagious laugh were just some of her hallmarks. She was always willing to step in here at the food pantry, always willing to lend a hand to volunteers, and always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. 

Bobbie spent most of her career in the newspaper business, but started as Accounts Executive for the Merrimack Valley Food Bank in 2015. She had become very active with the Dracut Food Pantry even before that time. She was a tremendous resource to the Dracut Food Pantry, continuously keeping us informed about programs to benefit out clients.

While her efforts and passion for food security was how we knew her best, she was heavily involved in her community in so many ways. We will miss our dear friend beyond compare. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate this difficult time. We will remember her compassion for helping others and let that continue to inspire our work here at the Dracut Food Pantry. Bobbie will be missed by so many of us.

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Upcoming Pantry Openings

Saturday Hours
Visit us between 9am-11am on the dates listed below.

DECEMBER 18 (*3rd SAT)

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Monday Hours
Visit us between 6pm-7pm on the dates listed below.

DECEMBER 20 (*3rd MON)

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Opening Procedure

  1. Because of capacity limits, only one (1) person per family may shop.
  2. Beginning this month, clients may wait inside if they choose. Masks will be required for those who choose to wait in the waiting area as we cannot guarantee social distancing at all times.
  3. Clients may also continue to wait in their cars if they choose.
  4. Please continue to social distance whenever possible.
  5. If choosing to wait in your car, when checking-in, please bring your cellphone and know your cell phone number – it must be your cell number, not home number. We will take your cell phone number and call you when it’s your turn to shop.
  6. We will not be accepting client names until 9 am. We are asking clients not to arrive before 9 am so we do not have people forming a line. We want to be respectful of our neighboring businesses by not having people fill parking spaces earlier than 9 am.
  7. We will be asking clients to shop as quickly as possible. Board members will assist shoppers in making their selections to avoid too much contact with grocery items. 
  8. We ask for your patience as we continue to fine tune this new shopping experience. We are doing our best to help everyone safely.